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We at Healing Temple follow the traditional way of living something which is becoming extremely rare to find in the world today.

We endeavor to uphold tradition maintain true Vedic knowledge and culture.

All at the Healing temple have been trained in our Healing methods and therapies in a Gurukul system constantly living on the premises. We try to live as close to nature as possible.

The food, we serve is authentic and traditional, we use grains – millets, {long forgotten }

We use vegetables and fruits which are traditionally grown, organic and bio dynamic.

We do not use any chemicals for cleaning we use only natural cleaning materials.

Only pure cooking medium and spices are used –

We do not use any refined oils we use only virgin coconut oil, Coconut oil, black Sesame oil and mustard oil only.

We used Pure traditionally made Ghee from grass fed cow milk only.

We still follow the principle of slow cooking on coal or firewood.

We used only organic cotton for the clothes worn at the Healing Temple.

Further to keep our environment and atmosphere clean we perform Agnihotra at Sun rise and Sun set; follow the practice of Dinacharya and regular evening Arati, everyday.

Palms World is active in and has the unique distinction of being engaged in the whole ambit of Integrated Health Care.

Dr Sangitha originally a doctor of modern medicine has taken up practice of traditional Healing Methods. Dr. Virje has an inherited a practice of ayurveda in the family.

Both together are certified to practice Ayurveda, Sidda, Unani, Naturopathy ,Aroma therapy, Magneto therapy, Acupressure ,Homeopathy, Dietetics, Bach flower  remedies, Reiki and Pranic healing and of course yoga and meditation.

Along with we manufacture, source, blend all our products traditionally using pure ingredients only.

We manage and operates Healing Temples which believe in curing the body, mind and soul.

The Healing journeys which bring people from all over the world to our Healing Temples.

Vidyaraj Gurukul where secrets of the human body management, maintenance and cure are imparted in a Gurukul environment.