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Healing Journeys

In our hectic lives, daily stress can negatively impact the organism causing emotional discomfort and health problems.

We believe the human body is a temple, and should be taken care of in the same manner: with integrity, honour and respect. The ones, who go on our Healing Journeys, find a place where the needs of both their body and mind are being listened to closely.

We heal and vitalise by using natural products instead of pills or injections.

stress relief Spiritual journey pain relief
Stress Relief Spiritual Journey Pain Relief
juvenile rehab - de- addiction complete body detox stress relief
Juvenile rehab-de-addiction Complete Body Detox Emotional & Mental Awakening
juvenile rehab - de- addiction complete body detox yoga_palms
3-days Staying at Healing Temple (3-days Package) 5-days Staying at Healing Temple (5-days Package) Yoga at Healing Temple(15-Days)
yoga2image2 meditation package
Yoga at Healing Temple(6-weeks) Meditation at Healing Temple(1-weeks)


In-house staying at Healing Temple Rs.10000/day (including accommodation, food & therapies)
Hotel Preethi Classic Towers Rs.12000/day  (including accommodation, food & therapies)
Fortune Resort Sullivan Court Rs.15000/day (including accommodation, food & therapies)


More details – www.healingjourneys.co

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