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About Us

khosla-coupleOur holistic healing centers are the brainchild and life’s work of Dr. Sangitha and Dr. Virje Bahai.

Dr. Sangitha is a MBBS graduate of Bangalore University; Bangalore, India. After gaining a solid medical footing (she has 10+ years active experience initially as a doctor in hospital and medical practice); she chose to follow her natural bent talent and did a master’s degree in Alternate Healing. Thereafter; she has spent 15 years in Holistic healing under the able guidance of Dr. Virje Bahai.

Dr. Virje Bahai was introduced to Holistic Healing by his illustrious grandfather. He has wide experience, extensive knowledge and all-round expertise in all sectors of natural health care. He has been in active practice for over 35 years. Dr. Virje Bahai is now head of research, development and bibliography, along with education and training. Dr. Sangitha is the Medical Director of treatments and holistic healing programs at our Healing Temples.

Healing Temple staff are trained according to Vaidya Raja principles of healing and only after extensive training in the Gurukul {Monastery} are they allowed to work with clients for imparting therapy. They are trained to manage disturbances of body, mind and soul.

Vaidya Raja philosophy is based on the profound belief that the human body itself is a Healing Temple which comes fully equipped to handle all challenges of life, needing only competent advice from health professionals wise about its healing ways.

Palms World has its own and referral Klinieks at Rotterdam -Netherlands; Vilnius – Lithuania; Ooty – India, for training and education. We will be shortly opening more Healing Temples in the near future in other parts of the country. We are the Indian associates of Palms World C.V, a Dutch- based company specializing in services to the Spa and Wellness industry.

The following is a brief history of our chosen path looking back over the years:

  • 1958: Palms, founded by Dr, Virje Bahai’s Grandfather. He has the sublime distinction of compiling a well -known book of rare herbal recipes.
  • 1976: Products become popular and are distributed all over the world.
  • 1979: Our first venture in Rotterdam; The Netherlands.
  • 1984: Establishment of The ‘Col. Shiv Khosla ( Dr. Virje Bahai’s late father ) Charitable Society and ‘Jeevan Jyoti’.
  • 1985: Dr. Sangitha introduces modern medicine and a new understanding of Holistic Healing approaches.
  • 1985: Spa design, training, consultancy and a wide range of organic health care products.
  • 1989: Expand into USSR, Czechoslovakia, UK, and Switzerland.
  • 1994: Import of products throughout Europe through ‘Zuid Buurt Trading Company’.
  • 1998: The First India- specific Healing Temple at Palms Palace Udhagamandalam (Ooty) The Nilgiris; Tamil Nadu, India.
  • 2005: Dr. Virje Bahai kicks off Healthcare and manpower training in Europe.
  • 2008: Palms as Belance returns to India.
  • 2009: All operations in Europe merged into ‘Palms World CV’.
  • 2010: The first India – specific Company – Belance Health Private Limited.
  • 2012: Another EU Wellness center –Vilnius ,Lithuania.
  • 2013: Registration and Tabulation of Organic Products in EU Website in keeping with the parameters of evidence- based medical science.
  • 2014: Activities and services all over the world now under the umbrella of Vaidyaraja.