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December 5, 2015

The ancient sages and seers say Meditation is the Yoga for the casual body.

We Have time tested and trusted techniques of meditation even upto Kundalini awakening and Astral travel.

Secrets of meditation are shared in a Gurukul system and environment is personalized one to one.

We have divide the exchange of energy into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, then Super conscious.

Each session to understand and practice techniques, takes at least one week, then 6 months of home practice.

A typical day

Get up at 03.00Am

Dhyana starts at 03.30Am

Agnihotra at sunrise

After Agnihotra breakfast

After breakfast private time till 09.00Am

Mediation training starts at 09.00Am to 11.00Am

Fruits / snacks  11.00Am to 11.30Am

Light exercise as yoga, walk or jogging 11.30Am to 12.30Pm

Lunch 13.00 Pm 14.00 Pm

Rest 14.00Pm to 16.00Pm

Meditation practice 16.00Pm to 17.30Pm

Fresh fruits

Agnihotra at Sunset

Arti and Kirtan

Dinner 18.30Pm to 19.30pm

Free time, discussion, reading and to retire

200 EURO/Per day