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August 29, 2015

I do not know where to start, as Sanghita is the only person in my life who understands me and always is there for me and my family. She is a person who gives you unconditional love, no matter what. She helps you on a physical and mental way through life.

We met each other in 2009 for the first time. I heard so many good things about Sanghita that I wanted to meet her. You also need to know that I was not a spiritual person before I met Sanghita.

I am a mother of two and always had a lot of problems in my relationship. I was always crying, having anger, panic attacks, having stress, being insecure, low energy, no trust, no faith, because of all the things happened in my relationship.

Sanghita told be about Sadguru SAI and told me that everything would be alright, as SAI is there SAI will help you. Just have FAITH and TRUST and you will become alright. I started to read about Sadguru SAI baba, as I was not spiritual and didn’t know anything about SAI BABA. The same time Sanghita and I were having consults not only on speaking terms but also with treatments, like panchakarma and chakra balancing. Sanghita always prayed for me and my family in the puja’s we did.

Now after many years I can really say that I have changed. I am stronger and more secure about myself. I became a better person and a better mother for my children. I got my strength from SAI and Sanghita.

This is all because of SAI and SANGHITA. They helped me through everything and still they do. I could not imagine my life without SAI and SANGHITA, as they give me and my family unconditional love and are my sadguru and guru in life. Without the treatments of Sanghita’s magical hands I would be still the same girl, crying and being hopeless. She removed all the negative things from my body with the puja’s and panchakarma treatments and chakra balancing. I could not ever believe that I could change so much. Having FAITH and TRUST and BELIEVING that things can go the right way, just follow the right path.

Feeling very BLESSED as in 2014 i went to India, to SHIRDI to SAI BABA and started a new beginning in 2015 in SHIRDI. This was so so special!!

Without the love from SANGHITA and BABAJI this would never be able.

Being gratefull to everything what is happening in my life when SAI and SANGHITA came in my life and I became a SAI devotee.

Always be thankful, no matter what.